Hannah's Prayer

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1 Samuel 1:1-28

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Glenda Juarez
February 19, 2013

Outline for the bible study
* Introduction
* Context of the Bible Study
* Literary Context
* Historical Context
* Characters
* Content of the Bible Study
* Exegetical Notes
* Theological Principles
* Application of the Bible Study
* Bibliography
1 Samuel is one the two books that have his name, the firsts chapters describes event as his birth, his childhood, his calling and develops his important place in history as a prophet to introduce people like Saul and David that will mark the history of Israel in such a great way. We are focusing on the first chapter of 1 Samuel, which shows us the background of Samuel’s birth through his father Elkanah and his mother Hannah. Scholars agree that is not revealed with precision the author of 1 and 2 Samuel, but according to the Scriptures is believed that the prophets Samuel, Nathan and Gad were authors of these wonderful events in the history of the Bible. Samuel became a man of God used for his glory, but before this happened, he was consecrated by his mother Hannah, a woman of God and faith. This first chapter will help us to learn from each character in this passage and to apply principles and to give steps of faith in our own lives. CONTEXT OF THE BIBLE STUDY

Literary Context:
* The first chapter of 1 Samuel opens the introduction of a family, of a woman who is added to the list of many other women in the Bible that could not have children. The main character in this chapter is Hannah, a woman deeply broken for not having children. * The first chapter of 1 Samuel follows Judges. “The last chapters of the book of Judges, with their refrain, there was no king in Israel, (Jdg. 21:25) prepares the way for new developments in Israel’s leadership”. * The time at Israel was crucial in history because it was transitioning from the rule of the judges, for they did whatever the want to do. “Israel felt the need of who would unite tribes, have an effective standing army, and be a match for those who led their enemies to victory” * Israel was struggling with the different opinions of the people they were asking and desiring for a king to reign over them, and here comes in the story the leadership of Samuel who years after with God’s authority was going to set a man as the King. * Samuel’s birth opened the new era of monarchy.

Historical Context
* It is though that the story takes place in the “era of the Judges”, but introducing new characters that will be develop in the two books of Samuel. * Based on David Toshio, he mentions: “It was not until ca. 1200 B.C. that iron technology influences every phase of life. With this as the historical background, the First Book of Samuel begins.” * Toshio agrees with Baldwin that the first book of Samuel is placed in the “period of the judges”, probably in the mid-eleventh century. Characters:

* Elkanah: Man from Ramathaim, who had two wives. A man that yearly offered sacrifice to worship the Lord. (v.3) * Hannah: Wife of Elkanah who loved her and which had no children. (v. 5) * Peninnah: one of Elkanah’s wife. A jellous woman who provoked Hannah to irritate her. (v. 6) * Eli: Priest that talked to Hannah, who thought she was drunk, but who believes that God answer prayers. (v.18) * Hophi and Phineas: Two sons of Eli that were priests in Shilo. (v. 3) * Samuel: Meaning: “Because I asked the Lord for Him”. (v. 20) The son of Hannah and Elkanah, a gift from God dedicated to him, a man who years later established kingship in Israel. Places

* Ramathaim-Zophim (Ramah): means “high”
* Shiloh: city that was twelve milles far away...
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