Hamlet- Tool of Minipulaton

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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An Ultimate Tool and Demise
By obtaining the respect and trust of others, one can easily control his or her followers to benefit any goal. This sort of manipulation can cause unforeseen effects that lead to unfathomable consequences exemplified in William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. The titular character, Hamlet, the conniving King Claudius, and the foolish Polonius all attempt to control people to further their own ends and accomplish cunning deeds. Despite each of their respective intentions, their fates all end the same, in death. Due to their ability to cleverly falsify, King Claudius, Prince Hamlet, and Polonius cause internal strife in themselves and others, the misguided resolve of Laertes, and their untimely demises.

While the motivations behind their manipulations drive them to commit unflattering actions, Claudius’, Hamlet’s and Polonius’ deeds do not become achieved without remorse. Each feat creates unrest within either themselves or those around them in varying ways. Claudius’ guilt over his brother’s murder causes him to doubt his choices concerning Hamlet’s madness and forces him to believe that his “offense is rank […] to heaven,” regardless of previous convictions to remain “sweet and commendable” through the affair (Hamlet III. iii. 40, I. ii. 90). This offense to heaven becomes publicly exploited during the events of Hamlet’s “mousetrap” play. As the crime of the King becomes more evident as the show carries on, Claudius begins to question the “argument” in the play and wonders if there is any “offense in [it]” against him (III. ii. 256-257).The strife that exists in the King represents itself during the performance and sheds light on the feelings he has concocted and also provides more empathetic qualities to his character, as feelings of guilt conflict with his archetypal image as a conspirator. Like the King, his stepfather and uncle, Hamlet also causes himself internal struggling, but his troubles stem from different roots....
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