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CEO Profile

ZhangRuiMin, shandong laizhou person, senior economist, the China science and technology university, master of business administration of haier group, secretary of the party committee,Board chairman, chief executive officer. ZhangRuiMin is haier group founder, 16, 17,18 th CPC central committee alternate committee member. Zhang Ruimin, native place: Laizhou, Shandong, senior economist, MBA from the University of Science and Technology of China, working now as Secretary of the Party Committee of the Haier Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO. Zhang Ruimin is the founder of the Haier Group and alternative member of the 16th , 17th  and 18th Central Committees of the Communist Party of China In 1984, Zhang Ruimin took the post of Director of Qingdao Refrigerator Factory – predecessor of Haier, thus starting the prologue of Haier’s entrepreneurship. Through 26 years of development, with his innovative entrepreneurial spirit and advanced strategic decision-making in conformity with the trend of the times, he has turned a small collectively-owned factory with a 1.47m Yuan loss into a global enterprise with global turnover of 135.7b Yuan (2010). According to statistics from Euromonitor, Haier has been the first brand of Major Appliances in the world for two consecutive years. In addition, Haier ranks first in the list of top valuable brands in China for 9 successive years. The guiding concept of brand strategy established by Zhang Ruimin runs through the whole process of development of Haier. At each different stage of development, Haier has grasped the opportunity of the times for strategic innovation. In the 80’s of the last century, Haier took advantage of the opportunity of reform and opening, carried out its brand strategy and created its refrigerator brand name by arousing the employees’ quality consciousness through “smashing refrigerators”. In the nineties, Haier grasped the opportunity of merging and restructuring to implement its diversification strategy. Through OEC management mode and output of corporate culture, it created a classical case of “Haier culture activating dormant fish”, so that a famous refrigerator brand was extended to brand groups in the field of home appliances. In the 21st century, Haier grasped the opportunity for global market integration to implement its international strategy. Instead of relying just on exports based on low production cost, it established overseas factories integrating “localized R&D, localized manufacturing and localized marketing” to continuously create demand in overseas customers, thus establishing Haier’s international brand name. In the internet era, Haier grasps the opportunity of customized demand and fragmented marketing to implement its strategy of international branding. The global brand for the internet era is created through transformation of enterprise and business modes, namely from selling product to selling service and from the mode of traditional development to the mode of win-win between the individual and the unit. The corporate culture having innovation as the core value established by Zhang Ruimin has played an important role in Haier’s continuous growth through continual innovation. In the management practice, Zhang integrates the essence of China’s traditional culture with western modern management concept, insisting on “taking in everything, growing innovatively and having one’s own style”. From OEC management mode stressing “finishing today’s work before its end” to the “market chain” management having everyone facing the market, Zhang’s continuous innovation in the management field has courted...
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