Hagia Sophia

Topics: Hagia Sophia, Justinian I, Constantinople Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Hagia Sophia one of the most admirable buildings ever created, designed by Anthemios of Tralles and Isidore of Miletus, and built under the Emperor Justinian I from 532–537. The building has an Unbelievable way of allowing light into the building, instead of a few large arched windows Hagia Sophia distributes the weight and allows for numerous windows allowing sunlight to pour into the building. Just in the great hallway alone about ten large arched windows allow the beautifully painted mosaics ceiling, marble coverings, and pillars, to come alive. This fantastic design that the main dome is surrounded on four sides by half semi circles which increases the size of Hagia Sophia immensely when standing below the dome. The Dome in a sense is pulled by the four smaller circular ceiling pieces enlarging the space to make colossal room with a ceiling reaching 180 feet. Each room has a flowing design allowing the space of the entire structure to connect so perfectly. The space is spread out in a centripetal way of organization with the hierarchy space being the large area beneath the dome, which sits above 40 arched windows. . This dome is said to have “changed the face of architecture during the Byzantine empire.” ² These windows also prevent rain and other elements form entering through the roof, however sunlight pours in through these windows. When standing beneath the dome it has an illusionistic design that looks like the dome is actually floating above you. Predominantly the great room surrounded by a lesser hierarchy important rooms which ultimately together interlock to form such a beautiful and unique architectural design. Every part of the building is so large and extremely detailed; each room is an architectural masterpiece. Space and light are the most prevalent features of Hagia Sophia. Once standing underneath the dome you become amazed at how large of a space you are actually underneath while colossal pillars hold up the ceiling where light...
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