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Jens Jeters
Ms. Paez
Soci 101 M/W

Michael Kimmel investigates “Guyland” where young boys socially interact as “guys”. Michael shows how these young men are stuck between youth and adulthood. As a sociologist at State University of New York of Stony Brook, Michael has perfected his specialty in gender studies. Born in 1951, Michael has published dozens of gender articles and books known in the sociology community. As a spokesperson for the “National Organization for Men Against Sexim (NOMAS), he has lectured over 200 colleges and universities” (stony brook). Guyland was published in 2008 and I will discuss the main points of “who these guys are”, “the babes in Guyland” then conclude why guys socially interact this way.

Exactly who are these boy’s representing Guyland? “Males between 16 and 26 that number well over 22 million- more than 15 percent of the total male population in the United States” (Kimmel, 254). The range of 16 to 26 is what is called the “guy” age. These are the white, middle class, college bound young men that strive after all the Playboy and Muscle Fitness magazines. “Young men typically enter Guyland before they turn 16, and then begin to leave in the mid to late 20’s” (Kimmel, 255). Michael calls this being stuck in between adolescence and adulthood. The gap of their life is where they reside in Guyland. Where it is thought to that it is just “boys being boys”. All of this can be peer influenced, the pressures of wanting to top someone else record in anything. How many girls can one guy get in a night, how many shots of liquor can you handle in one setting? The “Guy-Code” is the peer influenced actions between one guy and another. Maybe even the whole group of boys who share traits and attitudes. If you were to see a “guys” room or dorm in Guyland it would consist of posters of naked women, empty liquor bottles, maybe even some marijuana of wanting to be cool. They...
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