Gun Ownership

Topics: United States, Gun politics in the United States, Firearm Pages: 5 (2057 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Gun Ownership
A well known fact, the United States of America is the largest private gun ownership in the world. The shooting happened frequently has caused wide public concern over the recent years. Nowadays, the gun ownership has been a hotly debated issue on all classes of society; even it has continued to spark national debate. Many people firmly believe they should be allowed to own a gun because guns can protect themselves and they have the right depend on the Declaration of independence.Other people in today’s society may think that gun ownership is necessary because of a few people living on hunting and gun culture of United State America. However according to the development of modern society, the gun ownership should be outlawed because it has not direct connection with the gun culture and it has being result in more and more crime and death, make a lot of irremediable damage to the innocent and guns become an unmanageable affair for the government, and it is not the only easy tool to protect themselves and hunting, but also a terrible lethal weapon to suicide and murder. A number of people insisted that they should be allowed to own a gun because America has a tradition of national gun ownership and use dating to the nation’s origins. In 1970, an articleAmerica as a Gun Culture was wrote by the noted historian Richard Hofstadter. He used the short phrase to describe America's long-held affection for guns, embracing and celebrating the association of guns and America's heritage. The people of a pro-gun culture believe that it is fanciful to imagine that guns will ever disappear from America and guns deeply embedded in its history and its culture. Guns are not the only tool of self-protection, but also a kind of culture. “The American gun culture as it exists today is founded on three factors: the proliferation of firearms since the earliest days of the nation, the connection between personal ownership of weapons and the country's revolutionary and frontier history, and the cultural mythology regarding the gun in the frontier and in modern life.”(Spitzer, Robert J1). “Two elements of the modern American gun culture have survived since the earliest days of the country; the hunting/sporting ethos and the militia/frontier ethos.”(Spitzer, Robert J3). Obviously, gun culture is a part of American culture, and it is a very important part. They have never imagined they will give up their culture of gun and the gun ownership. Although the United States of America has a tradition of national gun ownership and use dating to the nation’s origins, the gun ownership should be outlawed because the gun culture has no direct connection with gun ownership, and people can keep the gun culture in the place of public entertainment. Every country has own culture, however a few bad cultural should be abandoned and keep the good ones.Think about it. Every people knows what will happen if everyone has a gun in the world.There are endless wars, countless death and dislocated society if everyone has a gun. At that time, any people and any organization all have no power to stop these bad things.The life of people is more important than the gun culture, though culture and history of countries are important for human beings. In my opinion, People can enjoy the games of guns, and they will make more friends whom also like playing guns in the club of guns although they have no private gun. With this way, American also can keep their gun culture and gun original. For this point, the gun ownership is not necessary for people. A few people think they should be allowed to own a gun because they some people hunt wild animals for the basic survival demands in the world. When America was an agrarian nation in which hunting was a valuable source of supplying food for settlers, guns were a means of protection from animal predators, and the market for furs could provide a source of income. Also, hunting as an interesting to a few...
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