Gun Control

Topics: United States Constitution, Firearm, Second Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: March 18, 2013
English 102
Alex West
Argumentative-Persuasive Writing

Gun Control
One of the most currently popular and controversial topics often displayed in the media is gun control. Though it is no new subject in our country gun control has flooded the news and has been a rapidly growing concern. American citizens along with the NRA are working to defend their rights. However, many politicians and gun control supporters want bans and limits on the ownership of firearms. Because of the actions of criminals and ill-minded people, the steps to enforce a universal gun control have begun and the people are reacting.

Many of the people in my own family are proud gun owners and dedicated members of the NRA. We regularly purchase ammunition for shooting and occasionally a new gun to add to our arsenal. In the past we never had an issue finding and legally purchasing whichever supply we needed or desired. That has changed now that the people’s fear of having their guns and ammo taken away has increased, along with the restrictions businesses have placed on firearms recently. When we last attempted to purchase a new gun and a supply of ammunition, we found that stores had sold out or had a two box limit per customer.

Gun owners fear losing the rights that they were born with to own and use firearms whenever they please. Because of killings and shootings in our country by some unstable people, the government feels that it is necessary to restrict the rights of gun owners. These rights were founded with the country and citizens since its start have been granted such rights. Gun owners have gone to great lengths to acquire the firearms and ammunition they want. Gun sales are higher now than they have been in the past few decades because Americans want to have a supply before their constitutional rights are taken away.

When the United States Constitution was signed the first ten amendments called the Bill of Rights were put into place. These rights were written...
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