Gun Control

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Gun Control

America in the past 10 years has experienced tragedy after tragedy. Most tragedies due to war, finances, and gun violence. After the more recent massacres, America must do something soon and effective. Strengthening gun security across the U.S. has been a debatable topic, which many are for as well as against. Some believe it isn’t the right time to discuss gun control after tragic events have occurred, emotions are so high. In response to that, when then? When should America find a way to not only prevent but stop gun violence? This seems like a perfectly reasonable time for such a discussion.

Gun permit laws vary throughout the U.S. The state of Kentucky’s laws to carry a concealed firearm state that you must be 21 years of age. However just four days after the Sandy Hook massacre three gun threats were made by KY high school students, as well as in March of 2013 a juvenile brought an unloaded gun on school property. None of which were 21, but the law states you must be 21 years of age. Connecticut’s gun laws happen to be very clear and to the point. Their laws state that if one is confined mentally ill within the preceding 12 months, they are not eligible for a gun permit. However Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook elementary school shooter, had a sensory processing disorder as well as Aspbergers. Both of these disorders can lead to anger and anxiety in a short amount of time. The state of Colorado’s laws to carry a concealed firearm state that a person must be able to handle a handgun, also a sheriff can deny reasonable beliefs that documented previous behavior will present future violence. However James Holmes (Aurora theater shooter) met with at least 3 mental health doctors at the University of Colorado. Was he able to handle a handgun? Had his previous behavior not led authorities to believe he could commit future violence? All signs lead to the fact that these men were in no state of mind to own a gun. So why does America continue to allow...
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