Gsm Based Remote Patient Monitoring System

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  • Published : March 2, 2012
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Mrs. M. V. PatH, Mrs. M. S. Cbavan Department of Electronics Bbarati Vidyapeetb University College of Engg. Pune. Email:

This paper presents the methodology for monitoring patients remotely using GSM network & Very large scale integration (VLSI) technique. Patient monitoring systems consist of equipment, devices and supplies that measure, including blood pressure, body temperature, heart activity,

display and record human physiological


various bodily substances (e.g. cholesterol, glucose, etc.), pulse rate, respiration rate and other health-related criteria. A patient monitoring system for providing continuous monitoring of a patient includes a data acquisition and

processing module receiving physiological data from the patient display the physiological reduce the product physiological system condition of the patient.

This unit may be inserted in a bedside display unit to

The major reason for the development of the said system is to The remote monitoring & control of the

size , power consumption

& cost of the system.


can be obtained by interfacing Patient monitoring

GSM mobile unit with the patient monitoring system. The systems measure physiological characteristics either


is described.


or at regular intervals over time. The embedded system is developed using iibero IDE. An application of

this method in Biomedical includes better accuracy, design security, productivity, speed and flexibility.

INDEX TERMS: Patient-monitoring system, VLSI, CPLD, GSM Network.



and to study &


present to the




The aim of this project


doctors. We look at

demonstrate different solution alternatives to the remote patient monitoring system so that these solution alternatives take into account the usability and availability of services. A further aim is to demonstrate monitoring the remote use of patient

possibilities for patient monitoring with the help of GSM technology. The purpose is to find solutions for the utilization of remote patient monitoring system. The objective of Patient Monitoring system is to have a quantitative assessment of the important physiological variables of patients

system using VLSI technique






disadvantages like high power consumption, high cost of the system, large product size. The hardware responsible for physiological signal analysis, information display and user interaction implemented is actually set of modules

functions. This system is used for measuring continuously automatically the values of the patient's important physiological parameters such as blood pressure, body temperature, heart activity, various bodily substances

in terms of microcomputer

(e.g. cholesterol, glucose, etc.), pulse rate, respiration criteria. rate and other health-related

program. The memory and timing board is the heart of the Instrument where master cIock provides

When patient is connected to life

support apparatus like heart lung machines or ventilators, correct functioning has to be monitored. This system serves several intensive functions in

timing for operation of the instrument. [3]. Thus we are going to build a remote patient monitoring system using VLSI technique

care unit environment.



Fig.I.l shows the block diagram of Monitoring System using

monitors the physiological parameters and informs the surgeon about the current status of the patient's condition. When a patient is in an alarming situation, FPGA sends SMS messages to the mobile of the designated health network. surgery personnel via the public GSM the


VLSLVarious physiological signals such as body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate,...
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