Growing Pains

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Meal Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: April 28, 2013
The benefits of eating a well-balanced meal at home

The Benefits of eating a well-balanced meal at home
Brandon C. Peterson
Student: University of phoenix

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death hear in the states. I must admit that I struggle with eating too much fast food myself. This is why I am determined to plead a good case and maybe I can even convince myself enough that I might stop eating so much fast food. I am also concerned I am not setting a good example for my children. I want them to know how to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet and still enjoy what they are eating. I am sure there are a many people that can relate and should be excited to hear my results. Eating fast food is a direct cause of diabetes; making the effort to eat at home might be the difference needed to avoid developing this disease.

We are all busy with work, school, and taking care of our children, etc. This forces us to make decisions we normally would not take or force us to compromise on eating fast food because there is not time to cook meals. When eating at a fast food place is sure to stay away from fried foods. The most important thing is to never super-size your meals. Eat a small or medium at the largest, when eating fast food value meals. In some fast food meals there is overall 2000 calories once the meal is gone with a soda.( When having to eat at a fast food restaurant; try to eat a salad with grilled chicken and a low fat dressing.) (For your beverage I would suggest drinking un-sweetened ice tea.) Maybe after wards if you are still hungry you can eat a small ice cream cone or a small fry.

(Fast food is the number one on the top list of foods for the majority of the people) Although there is (There is plenty of everyday new that is constantly telling us about the later effect of fast food on the body), people are still eating fast...
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