Group Ethics for Integrity, Professionalism, and Organization in Project Teams

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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When working in a project team environment it is very important to establish rules from the very beginning. These rules should be respectful, professional, and ethical. All members of the project team should be clear on the guidelines and supportive to create a productive working environment.

The writer of this papers project team took these guidelines into consideration when determining how to complete the project team paper. Some of the codes of ethics for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) are quite comparable to some of the ethics this project team used when writing this paper. In ACM’s code of ethics it states to “honor contracts, agreements, and assigned responsibilities”. The first task of the project team is to review the assignment due and then decide how to break down the task within the assignment to ensure completion. It is very important for project team members to agree to and complete the portions they are responsible for. When one or two of the project team members fail to uphold their responsibilities it makes the work more difficult for the rest of the team as well as more stressful. The project team assessed the assignment and delegated duties to each individual. Included with this were meeting times, topic follow ups, and discussion finalizing the topic and direction of the paper. In the spirit of positive relationships, a verbal agreement was reached and none of the parties deemed it necessary to sign written contracts. To ensure proper completion of the paper, deadlines were set to guarantee time allowed for any revisions to be implemented if necessary. All project team members with the exception of one honored the time schedules set and responsibilities to the project team.

The ACM’s code of ethics also states that individuals should “uphold and promote the principles of the code”. Basically this code is saying that not only is it important for team members to observe the code, but also that team members should...
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