Group Decision Support Systems

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  • Published: May 29, 2011
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Introduction to GDSS
Group decision support systems (GDSS) are interactive, computer-based systems that facilitate solution of semi-structured and unstructured problems by a designated set of decision-makers working together as a group. A GDSS can assist groups, especially groups of managers, in analyzing problem situations and in performing group decision making tasks. GDSS include structured decision tools for tasks like brainstorming, commenting on ideas, and rating and ranking of alternatives GDSS is also known as Group Support Systems (GSS) or Computer Support Cooperative Work System (CSCW). It is a "silent partner" to improve the efficiency, reliability, and quality of group decisions in meetings. GDSS are in some ways hybrid systems or integrated systems combining (i) communication, (ii) computing, and (iii) decision support technologies to facilitate the formulation and solution of unstructured problems by a group of people. In short, GDSS is a computer-based system which supports groups of people and engages them in a common task through an interface of sharing environment. GDSS consists of (i) hardware, (ii) software, (iii) people, and (iv) procedures
Typical GDSS Meeting Characteristics:
* Organizational commitment/support
* Trained facilitators or may be user driven
* User training
* Anonymity
* Appropriate tasks
* Dedicated decision ro
Principal characteristics of a Dedicated Decision Room-based GDSS A Decision Room refers to the physical arrangement for using a Group DSS. In a single room, workstations are made available to participants. The objective in using a Decision Room is to enhance and improve the group's decision-making process.

Characteristics of a Decision Room include:

1) Each participant has a computer workstation
2) A leader (facilitator) coordinates the meeting
3) The room has a display screen that all participants can view 4) Computers are networked and...
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