Ground Water Depletion

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Ground Water Depletion
Hp Ground Water Depletion in India
A study on the ground water depletion across the World ,specifically in India. The causes of depletion,current scenario and the way forward

Krishnapriya J 12HS60006 MHRM, IIT Kharagpur
11/11/2012 1

Table of Contents
1. ABSTRACT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 2. OBJECTIVES OF THE TERM PAPER-----------------------------------------------------4 3. REVIEW OF LITERATURE------------------------------------------------------------------4 3.1. INTRODUCTION----------------------------------------------------------------------4 3.2. CURRENT GROUND WATER SCENARIO & DEPLETION TRENDS ---6 4 MAJOR CAUSES FOR GROUND WATER DEPLETION -------------------------------8 5. IMPLICATIONS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 5.1 A FEW CASE STUDIES---------------------------------------------------------------9 6. FEW METHODS FOR GROUND WATER MANAGEMENT --------------------------12 6.1 RECHARGE WITH IMPORTED SURFACE WATER--------------------------12 6.2 RECHARGE WITH RAINWATER-------------------------------------------------12 6.3 ARTIFICIAL RECHARGE MOVEMENT IN INDIA----------------------------13 6.4. DOMESTIC RAIN WATER HARVESTING--------------------------------------13 6.5 VEGETATIVE TREATMENT OF THE CATCHMENT-----------------------14 6.6 SOME WORLDWIDE GROUND WATER MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES USING ECONOMIC THEORIES----------------------------14 7. RECCOMENDATIONS FOR FUTURE ----------------------------------------------------14 8. CONCLUSION-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 9. REFERENCES-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------16


MLD TNPCB IWMI INCID Million Litres per Day Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board International Water Management Institute Indian National committee on Irrigation & Drainage British Broad Cast Corporation




“ When the last tree is cut and the last fish killed, the last river poisoned, then you will see that you can't eat money. - John May Ground Water depletion is one of the most important environmental threats faced by humanity. Ground water reserves in various forms are depleting at alarming rates all over the world and is matter of huge concern, especially in India who is the largest user of ground water in the world. Groundwater is a vital resource, with a large fraction of the population re-lying on the resource directly or lying indirectly for livelihoods. It accounts for about 50–80% of domestic water use and 45–50% of irrigation in 50 50% the country. This heavy reliance on groundwater for both domestic water and irrigation purposes is now n approaching its limit as an increasing number of aquifers reach unsustainable levels after decades of exploitation. This term paper tries to understand the various causes that led to the present status of the depletion and the existing measures taken to control it and explores the possibilities for sustainable use of ground water in future.

2.OBJECTIVES OF THE TERM PAPER: OBJECTIVES     Investigate the causes of the ground water depletion Understand the effects of depletion through case studies. Analyse the existing measures taken to curb it Explore future action methodologies.


3.1 INTRODUCTION Ground water lies beneath the earth’s surface, filling pore spaces between the grains of sediment or within the voids of sedimentary rock. Groundwater may also fill fractures in rock. Water becomes groundwater when precipitation infiltrates the geosphere. The Water Table The zone below ground where the pore spaces are filled with ground water is called the saturated zone. Above the saturated zone, where the pore spaces are not filled with ground water, is the unsaturated zone. The water table marks the boundary between the saturated and...
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