Grizzly Bear Lodge Case Study

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Case Study:
The Grizzly Bear Lodge
Diane and Rudy Conrad own a small lodge outside of Yellowstone National Park called The Grizzly Bear Lodge. The lodge is rather small, containing only 15 rooms that can accommodate 40 guests. The lodge is open between May and September and then reopens in April for a short spring season. They are weighing their options to possibly expand their business and add an additional 20 rooms. There are many factors that go into the expansion, including their current annual income of only $70,000. Although the expansions could allow for more guests to visit the lodge, they are afraid that it may take away from the extensive customer service they are currently able to provide (Bateman).

The feed forward control is a term also called a preventive control, used to identify and prevent deviations in the standards before they happen. These feed forward controls focus on human, material and financial resources within the particular organization (Cliff). If Rudy and Diane plan to expand their business, this control would ensure that they have the proper financial support to expand. They would be accommodating at least an extra 40 people, supplying breakfast and a new food service to include dinner, and also the same loyal customer service designed to make the guest feel at home. The Conrad’s need to take into account that if they plan to offer additional excursions around the area with local businesses, they will need to hire someone to organize the guests’ plans and adventures accordingly. All of these preventative procedures would be their freed forward controls.

Concurrent controls will help the Conrad’s monitor ongoing employee activity to help ensure consistency with their set standards at The Grizzly Bear Lodge. Concurrent controls will rely primarily on performance standards and regulations set by the Conrad’s or whoever may be in charge of the staff. To expand the business, there will be many new employees joining...
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