Green Marketing in India: A New Look on the Perspective of Sustainability

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  • Published : May 12, 2012
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Green Marketing refers to the marketing of products and services considered environmentally friendly that make their marketers environmentally responsible. It refers to the process of selling products and/or services based on their environmental benefits. Over the years there has been a paradigm shift in consumer taste, preference and awareness from the "pollution consciousness" of the 80's to an "environment consciousness" of the present decade. Naturally to catch the bandwagon of change in the consumer tastes and choice and to be on the correct side of the fence in regard to the society and government regulations, companies have taken initiatives which had lead to heightened environment consciousness and responsiveness. It also has augmented the image of the companies in the consumer psyche by supplying products and services which has promoted sustainability. This paper discusses initially the terms and concepts of green marketing , the sustainability aspect of green marketing in view of challenges that it faces in targeting the `green audience' The paper also examines the current movement of trends of green marketing in India and tries to understand how important is sustainable development in view of present challenges in the Indian perspective. It also describes the reason why companies are moving towards a greener presentation of image and products and concludes that green marketing is here to stay and grow to the next phase of development.

Eco -friendly products, green marketing, sustainability.


Unfortunately, for a common man green marketing is the promotion or marketing of products and services which are environment friendly. To a layman, words like Environmentally Friendly, Recyclable ,Phosphate Free, Refillable ,Ozone Friendly, are the phrases associated with green marketing. There is no denying the fact that these words are definitely in the ambit of green marketing, let us understand green marketing from a broader and more comprehensive viewpoint. The American Marketing Association defines green marketing as: "1. (retailing definition) The marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. 2. (social marketing definition) The development and marketing of products designed to minimize negative effects on the physical environment or to improve its quality. 3. (environment definition) The efforts by organizations to produce, promote, package, and reclaim products in a manner that is sensitive or responsive to ecological concerns". Polonsky (1994) explains" green marketing as all activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchanges intended to satisfy human needs or wants, such that the satisfaction of these needs and wants occurs, with minimal detrimental impact on the natural environment". CSR Europe has an brilliant explanation of sustainability in their `Sustainable Marketing Guide': "Sustainability is a necessarily broad church for it encompasses all of those issues which impact our lives: population growth, biodiversity, human rights, social inclusion, equality and diversity. to name but a few. The list contains a combination of social (e.g. human rights, equality, diversity) and environmental (e.g. waste, energy use, pollution) issues which are inevitably intertwined and connected."They continue, "In a business context, sustainable development means taking a triple bottom line approach so that the business measures its success not just on financial performance, but on its environmental and social performance too. The goal: to meet the needs of this generation without jeopardizing the ability of...
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