Green Enterpreneurs: the Managment of Natural Resources

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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John C. Allen and is co-worker Stephanie Malin wrote the article “Green Entrepreneurship: a method for managing natural resources” that was published in the journal of the international association for society and natural resources in 2008. Allen and Malin work as professors in the department of sociology, social work, and anthropology at Utah State University. The article focused on the practice of the fast growing green entrepreneurs and how a green environment can affect a society. Just like every other researchers these authors tried to follow the steps required for experiment. Allen and Malin first tried to understand the origin and the effectiveness of entrepreneurship. they found the definition of entrepreneurship to be “Though the entrepreneur can be defined as a person who envisions new business opportunities and creates enterprises from scratch—often with limited resources and an abundance of risks” (J. C. Allen and S. Malin, 829). After reviewing the literature from Europe and Australia to grasp some general information about entrepreneurship, they performed their own case study. They conducted these studies on ten small retail business in the western U.S.A. this small retail business consist of bakery, woodshop, natural food market, beverage company, fair good trade shop, soap company, chemical company, local farm, sporting shop and bicycle shop. Interviews was performed to help gather information that shows the common theme among these small retailer. The common there includes community, social justice and resource management.

These case studies was aimed to help understand I identify the goals and motivation of entrepreneurs. The processes of the case study involve describing how the businesses enhance their communities in the past and their future efforts. An interesting finding was the observation that these ten cases have common traits that performs the social intents. “Instead of financial concerns, nearly every owner saw...
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