Female Entrepreneur

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ENT07101:Exploring Entrepreneurship|
Report based on the career of Roz Colthart and her business www.black-essentials.com| |


Section 1: Introduction3

Research Methodology3

Section 2: Findings5

Background 5
Start up6

Section 3: Analysis8

The Entrepreneurs Characteristics8
Motivational Factors9
Female Entrepreneur10





This report will cover the key issues faced by Edinburgh entrepreneur Roz Colthart of www.black-essentials.com. Both primary and secondary research methods were use to compile this report and the analysis will include reference of theory discussed in class and the interview I conducted with Roz on Wednesday the 11th March 2009. I will analyze the characteristics that make her an entrepreneur and look at the motivations and catalysts that drove her to start her business.


I have chosen to conduct my report on Roz Colhart who is founder of www.black-essentials.com an online boutique for black fashion staples for women. She launched the business in March 2007 and lives in Edinburgh

My interest in Roz stems from my own desire to set up an online boutique and as I am from Edinburgh like Roz, I took this report as an opportunity to meet and learn from someone I aspire to be like.

Research methodology

Primary Research
‘Experiments, investigations, or tests carried out to acquire primary data’ Source: www.businessdictionary.com
Primary research is also referred to as field research and involves collecting data that does not already exist. An example of primary research is the face to face interview I conducted with Roz Colthart. Telephone interviews and questionnaires are also examples of primary research. Secondary Research

“Research based on secondary data.”
Source: www.businessdictionary.com
Secondary Research is also referred to as desk research and involves processing data (primary or secondary) that has already been collected by another party. An example of secondary research is information collated from press articles, reports and market research. The report began with secondary research through data I collated from the internet to find an entrepreneur for my report. The search criteria was to find a successful Edinburgh based female entrepreneur who, preferably, had a business or businesses online. Through my research I was able to contact Roz Colthart by email and arrange an interview. The interview with Roz is my only source of primary research for this report. The analyse of my report involved processing information from secondary resources such as the internet, text books and class lecture notes.

Section 2: Findings

On the 11 March 2009 I interviewed Entrepreneur Roz Colthart. The purpose of my interview was to find out Roz’s motivations to start her business and what difficulties and pressures she faced, what she believes defines an Entrepreneur and whether she fits into the stereotypical entrepreneur as discussed during the workshops.


Roz comes from self admitted working class background and her parents worked hard to afford to send her the Edinburgh private school George Watsons. Roz admits that she did not show any entrepreneurial zeal in school but enjoyed her education there and especially enjoyed the social aspect of school. After leaving she studied business and languages briefly at Napier but left as she was offered a fantastic opportunity to work at the Epcot Centre in Disneyland, Florida. This gave her the invaluable experience of working with people from all over the world. After a year, she returned to Edinburgh and planned what was intended to be a two holiday to the Virgin Islands to...
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