Green Energy

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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This presentation is based on Green Energy and the affect of economy on it. The use of renewable energy is on the rise around the world. The costs of this renewable energy is relatively costly. This means in the long run over time the costs will be paid for and consumers will see a lower energy bill. There has been great achievements in smaller countries with the introduction of green energy. They have seen how useful this is and the way it provides electricity with no problems. Many countries rely on wind power energy and the mechanisms can be costly in the long run. Over the course of this presentation we will see the different aspects of green energy and how it effects the economy. Commonly used green energy is wind, solar, fossils fuels, and water. Solar energy is used more widely throughout the world. Many consumers have solar paneling on their own homes to reduce their electricity bill. They see that solar energy is more accessible to anyone in the world. The sun is always out and powering up these panels. Wind energy is starting to become more popular also. This wind energy can be use individually with the equipment at home or in some parts of the world multiple equipment is use to power cities. Fossils fuels is also another source of green energy since it is found naturally. Though in the long run it can also hurt air pollution. Water energy or hydroelectricity is another source and can be reliable. There is one set back in order to set up it would have to destroy part of an ecosystem. All green energy is made from natural sources. The sun is one of the oldest known source. It is widely used in many parts of the world to power everything from homes to everyday appliances. Today we have panels that can absorb the sun and turn that power into electricity. These panels can be costlyto those who do not have the extra money to spend on them. The main concern is the longivity of the panels and making sure they do what it is needed....
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