Green Card Scheme

Topics: Danish language, Denmark, European Union Pages: 15 (3839 words) Published: December 5, 2010
GR1 Application form
Application for residence and work permit under the Greencard scheme Uses This form is to be used when applying for a residence and work permit in Denmark under the Greencard scheme. Your application will be graded using a system that assigns points based on five criteria: • Educational level • Language skills • Work experience • Adaptability • Age In order to qualify for a residence and work permit issued under the Greencard scheme, you must attain a minimum of 100 points. More information about the point system is available at Do not use this form if you are currently enrolled in a higher educational program in Denmark and would like to extend your residence permit in order to apply for work after graduation. Please refer to for more information about Greencards for students who complete a higher educational program in Denmark. This form is for use by citizens of non-EU/EEA countries. Please refer to for further information about the rules for citizens of EU countries. How to apply 1. Complete and sign this form (follow the instructions given in the form) 2. Enclose the required documentation (listed below) 3. Submit the application to a Danish diplomatic mission in the country in which you live. If you already reside legally in Denmark, the application can be submitted at the Service Centre of the Immigration Service. If you live outside the Greater Copenhagen area, you can also submit your application at your local police station Required documents Please enclose the following documents: • A copy of your passport (including the cover and all pages with information) • Two passport photos • Documentation of all higher education (diplomas and transcripts) • Declaration from your educational institution confirming the authenticity of your educational documents (should not be enclosed if the education is Danish) • Documentation of work experience (declaration from previous employer) • Documentation of language skills (diplomas, test results and/or declaration from previous employer) • Documentation that you can support yourself during your first year in Denmark. You need to document that you have sufficient funds at your disposal to the equivalent of Danish start aid (starthjælp) for one year. The monthly start aid amount is (2010 level): DKK 5,267 for individuals under age 25 not living with their parents, DKK 6,351 for single individuals over age 25, DKK 5,267 for married/cohabiting individuals over age 25. Documentation can be e.g. a bank statement in your name. Original documents must be shown to a Danish official Colour copies of foreign educational documents (such as diplomas, transcripts and other statements issued by educational institutions) must be submitted with your application. The original documents must be presented at the Danish embassy, police or the Immigration Service’s main office when submitting your application, where they will be used to certify that the copies are authentic. When processing your application we may require you to send us the original educational documents. Please note that documents not written in Danish, English, German, Norwegian or Swedish must be submitted together with a certified translation in Danish or English. Please also note that Pakistani educational documents must be stamped by the Higher Educational Commission. Are other documents required when submitting an application? Yes, you must present your passport to the immigration authorities. Does it cost anything to submit an application? Yes, if you submit your application to a Danish diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general) you will normally have to pay a fee. The fee can vary in price. The individual diplomatic mission can also make further demands such as extra passport photos or duplicate copies of the application. We recommend that you check with the requirements on the website of the diplomatic mission in your...
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