Immigration Reform

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Immigration is a sensitive topic with different point of views ranging from letting everyone in to letting absolutely no one in. Our country is in a fragile state with the current economic downturn we are in we need a new immigration policy now before everything gets out of hand. There are three major things we need to change in our policy: reduce the number of visas awarded annually, expand foreign aid and trade benefits to help governments in developing countries strengthen their economies, and finally introduce a national identity card that all workers must present when applying for employment and social services.

The first step in Immigration reform is to limit the number of visas that we issue to immigrants to about 600,000 which will nearly shrink the current number of about 1.1 million in half. The reason to do this will it forces talented citizens in developing countries to stay in their respective countries develop further hence reducing immigration into the United States. The only people we should admit are people who are seeking asylum and refugee in the US because of the current situation in their countries. This will allow us to admit people who legitimately can greatly improve their life and will allow the people who are qualified in their countries to stay there and improve their country further.

The second step is to expand foreign aid and trade benefits to help governments in developing countries strengthen their economies. This will not only help their economy but it will help the global economy hence improving our economy. The countries that we help will become good enough for the citizens that they won’t want to leave and that will decrease the number of immigrants coming into the U.S. The citizens of their respective countries won’t need to seek asylum and that will ultimately lead to less poor immigrants in our country that we will have to provide financial aid to hence reducing our countries debt and allowing us to spend more money in...
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