Green Building

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People nowadays are more concern about the environmental since they know the effect of pollution to the environment and to human’s health. Usually the conventional building used a lot of amount of power and produced large amount of carbon dioxides annually. Therefore, conventional building is one of the sources of global warming. Green building concept is an effort made to reduce the impacts of conventional building. Green building is a space and energy efficient home which can offer coziness and healthy living environment to its peoples. The green building used the sustainable resources. It is considered as sustainable resources because it can maximise our resources by taking from the natural and produce less effect on the environment.

At present day, the world’s population is getting more and more concerned about the activities which can lead the global warming and pollution to the environment. For example, residential owners used up large amount of power and become a major source of global warming since it produced 10 to 30 tons of carbon dioxides annually. Every individual have to play the roles in protecting the earth from any pollution of environment. Green technologies can be used to protect the earth from environment pollution. A green technology is one of the efforts to reduce the impacts to the environment. Although green technology have been around for countries but they are only practiced mostly in Western countries.

Environmental Management System (EMS) has been one of the important tools for sustainable construction for around two decades. In Malaysia, critical environmental disruption are directly related to the development activities like land development and natural resources activities, waste disposal activities and others. However, lots of issues regarding sustainable development have not been properly addressed, and there is need for the introduction of the green specifications to advance green performance in construction through contract management. As people are saying “Much of what is going to happen to the environment in the future is shaped by what we are doing to it today”.


Whilst drawings show the design of a construction project in graphical form, specification describe the quality of material and workmanship, in addition to other general requirement. The importance of sustainability in construction has prompted specifies to make specification a contractual tool in achieving target of construction. Most developed economies have adopted different specification system for their construction work either green or conventional. Different approaches are being used to achieve the requirement in their specification.

Traditionally, construction projects have been executed based on the descriptive or prescriptive requirements set out in specifications and drawings. Whereas drawings provide a graphical presentation of physical arrangement, specifications are used to convey written directions on the prescribed material, practices, personnel, equipment, and workmanship including tolerances. Specifications should give clear information for tendering, construction quality and handover requirements. Much of the literature on specifications suggest that quality, cost and time have been the prime considerations in the preparation of specifications for conventional construction projects.

However, with the increase of public environmental awareness, integrating the concepts associated with sustainable development into specifications to promote construction has become inevitable. To ensure that the environmental goals are transferred to the supplier, the authorities may state environmental preferences in their specification (Varnas, 2009).

Green specifications should provide a channel for translating the theory of sustainability into practice for the supporters of sustainable development in the construction community. The purpose of...
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