Climate Change, Role of Rich and Poor Counties

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Subject: combating climate change
To: UN environmental program
From: Orlova Christina, specialist in strategic consulting.
Date: 08.12.12.

I would like to put forward the following proposal, which I believe would help to combat climate change globally and contribute to long-term sustainability goals in active cooperation of rich and poor countries.

Energy and food security in poor countries

According to the data on poor countries given by Koroleva Nataly the poorest nations are expected to suffer from climate change mostly because it poses major risks to water supplies, agriculture and food – the main sectors of economy for developing countries. In the light of the fact that they don’t possess financial resources needed to implement new technologies and irreversible changes severely affecting them it’s relevant to evaluate that “the poorest countries pay for the actions of the rich”, quoting Slava Averin. Therefore I propose introduction of programs aimed at increasing energy and food security supporting key domestic priorities of developing countries that will lead to fulfillment of short-term goals of poverty alleviation.

Focus on green economy in rich countries

Considering intellectual potential and technologies developed in rich countries in accordance with the data I have collected it’s possible to reverse the negative trend by reorienting governments, industries and business to green economy that presupposes investments in renewable sources of energy and actions of the International Community as a whole. As a model of partnership between industries and International non-governmental organizations the program “Climate savers” run by World Wildlife Fund and aimed at making reduction of carbon dioxide emissions cost-effective can be taken with regard that it’s successfully implemented by such corporation as Polaroid. In this respect I propose creation of low-emissions and cost-effective production that will lead to achieving...