Greek Theatre

Topics: Tragedy, Drama, Aeschylus Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: December 14, 2012
|Greek Theatre |The origins of drama started with hymns called ‘dithyrambs’ and were| |‘Drama’ comes from the Greek word ‘Dran’ meaning ‘to do’ |sung in worship of the god ‘Dionysus’. | |‘Theatre’ comes from the Greek word ‘Theatron’ meaning ‘the seeing |The hymns progressed to ‘choral’ (group of people) processions. This| |place’ |progressed into ‘Theatre of Dionysus’ and the festival ‘City | | |Dionysus’ | |The festival was a competition and the most famous winner was a man |There were three types of plays ‘comedies’ which mocked men in | |called ‘Thespis’ which later became the word ‘Thespian’ the actor. |power. | |It was a time of a ‘free thinking’ society. |‘Tragedies’ that focused on human attributes and moral decisions. | |All of the actors were men and women weren’t allowed to take part. |‘Satyr’ are the names of short plays performed between acts or | |Actors played multiple parts ‘masks’ were worn to show change in a |tragedies. | |character or mood. |‘Sophocles’ won 24 contests. | |The ‘chorus’ were 3-50 men who would sing and dance and would judge |Concerned with the relationship between ‘humans’ and ‘gods’. | |the action. They were seen as the ideal ‘spectator’ and would react |Importance on ‘free will’ and ‘moral choice’ | |the way the playwright would want the audience to react. |He added a third actor and scenery. | |...
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