Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Essay- Miss Havisham

In Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations, Miss Havisham is a malign character. To begin with, Miss Havisham believes that all men’s hearts should be broken. Not only does she believe this, but she also forces Estella to follow in her footsteps and wants Estella to “wreak revenge on all of the male sex” according to Herbert Pocket on page 169. Miss Havisham only thinks this because of her past experience with men. On her wedding day, her fiancé wrote her a letter at 20 minutes to nine stating that he would not go through with the wedding. He broke her heart and she was devastated. Ever since then, she is jilted and will never let that incident down and she is trying to make men’s lives miserable.

Additionally, Miss Havisham makes Pip feel bad for himself. Miss Havisham is constantly tormenting Pip with Estella’s beauty. For example, in chapter 11 Pip says that, “Miss Havisham watched us all the time, directed my attention to Estella’s beauty, and made me notice it the more by trying her jewels on Estella’s breast and hair.” Also, Miss Havisham tells Pip that he is not a gentleman and makes him feel like he needs to be something that he’s not. Pip tells the reader that Miss Havisham says that Estella is “educating for a lady; far out of reach; prettier than ever; admired by all who see her. Do you feel you have lost her?” Then Pip goes on to say that “There was such a malignant enjoyment in her utterance of the last words, and she broke into such a disagreeable laugh, that I was at a loss what to say” in chapter 15. Also, Miss Havisham goads Pip by telling him to continue to love Estella. "Love her, love her, love her!" (p.240)

Finally, Miss Havisham is sneaky and mysterious. Miss Havisham never leaves her house because she does not want to be seen by the outside world, but yet she knows a lot. Miss Havisham stays up to date with the people of the community, which concludes that she has others going out into...
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