Great Debaters

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The great debaters – reflection
The topics in this movie were debated by The Wiley College debate team. They touched upon many significant concerns with many other good debate teams. The debating topics were all based on worldwide situations and were associated with the entire human race. The very first debate issue was the economic crisis; the matter of unemployment allowance was touched upon to get a point across. Some other issues that were discussed were social welfare. The Wiley Collage expressed that endurance is the main obligation and is far more important than thinking about the economy as a whole. One of the examples given by Wiley Collage was talking about a mother that could not feed her starving children and this example communicated the importance of survival. The highlight of the movie was the debate the Wiley Collage has with the University of Oklahoma. The topic of this debate was based on the Negro’s knowledge. The two debaters from Wiley Collage were Lowe and Samantha Brooke. Though she was quite nervous at the time to step forth and get a message across, she overcame the fear and talked about decreasing hatred and inequity against the Negro community. She had also mentioned the fact that blacks should be allowed in big universities because they are worthy of attending such schools. The other university argued back and said that even if they were allowed to attend such universities, there would be no change at all. They also mentioned that the hatred towards the blacks would simply increase and that it’s near to impossible for a black person to gain knowledge from a white collage/university. Brooke then concluded by saying that this is the time to seek equality. The final topic for debate was brought forth by Harvard University and it was to know the true meaning of morals and what role they play in one’s life and the importance of the law. Wiley Collage spoke in favour of getting rid of injustice and the example they came up with is the...
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