Grape 2

Topics: Need, Want, Haiti Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Grape 2
The difference between safety and freedom is one that is subjective to a person’s perception of the two things. Some might say that safety lies in the freedom to decide and execute one’s actions themselves, while others might say that freedom is the barrier standing in front of safety. “The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe,” is a quote by H. L. Mencken that describes one extreme end of the spectrum. However, this observation is only partially applicable regarding contemporary society. This quote has a certain measure of truth in it because people do want to be safe and to have a good measure of safety; they give up the freedom of taking risks. For example, the appointment and execution of laws considerably the freedom of civilians but, if a poll is conducted to remove any such laws then most people would vote against it. This is for the plain reason that, strict laws and the police or army which enforce them, bring about safety in society for the masses. For this sense of safety society is ready to give up some measure of freedom. Even our own parents choose our safety over freedom. They would be much happier if we have stricter bazaar rules and if the Woodstock campus is more compact, because that way, even though our freedom is slightly curbed we are much safer. A very good example of safety over freedom is that of the army, navy and the air force. Their lives are all about safety, safety of their country, safety of their region, their comrades and at last their own safety. To gain this safety they have to be extremely disciplined and give up a lot of freedom, they have to give up the freedom to decide the schedule of their day, what they want to do while they serve, what they want to wear and they do not even have the freedom to decide their own haircut. They do this for the safety of the masses, hence providing for the best example thus far of safety over freedom. Nevertheless, sometimes man just wants freedom, no...
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