Grammatical Person and Woman

Topics: Grammatical person, Metaphor, Chapman Stick Pages: 4 (1136 words) Published: December 29, 2012
December 21, 2012
The Whipping
1. Who is the speaker? What kind of person is the speaker?
a. The speaker could be a neighbor or passenger who observes a domestic scene that reminds him of one similar to his own.. The speaker has a strong sympathy about the boy but also is a coward because the speaker did not stop the woman. 2. Is there an identifiable audience for the speaker? What can we know about it? a. There is no identifiable audience. The speaker is just noticing the woman beating the boy and it reminds himself of a situation he has dealt with. 3. What is the occasion?

a. The boy was beat by an old woman because the boy has done something wrong. The only way to right his wrongs is by the woman beating her goodness to him. 4. What is the setting in time?
a. The poem mentions the flower zinnias, so we can assume the season time is spring. 5. What is the setting in place?
a. The setting seems to be at the streets, a garden, or a rural farm area as evidenced by the speaker said across the way could mean streets. Pleads in dusty zinnias could explain the garden. The woman leans on a tree could mean on an open area like the countryside.

6. What is the central purpose for the poem?
a. The central purpose of the poem is when the speaker saw the boy beaten up by the person he loves. The speaker is reminded of similar feelings that happened to him. 7. State the central theme in a sentence.

a. The central theme is the moral authority of someone and abuse towards children. 8. Outline the poem to show its structure and development, or summarize the events of the poem. a. A young boy is seen being beaten by an old woman. The poem begins in third person perspective. Once the beating has occurred the speaker goes into first person of a similar pain he has suffered through. After the beating the poem revert back to third person where we see the old woman is crying next to a tree. 9. Paraphrase the poem.

A young boy is getting a whipping and the...
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