Graffiti Art Brings Positive Effects to Our Society

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Graffiti Art Brings Positive Effects to Our Society

2011 TED Prize winner - JR's Wish

"I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we'll turn the world...INSIDE OUT."



I. Introduction

Thesis statement: The development of street culture as known as “Global Street Subculture” from 15 years before until now integrates into a bigger scale and positively impacts our society and individuals greatly in our daily life.

II. The development of graffiti art
A. The different forms of presenting graffiti art
B. Global street subculture
C. The meaning of graffiti art

III. First example of the positive effects of graffiti art - Banksy A. Background
B. The style of Banksy’s graffiti works
C. One of his work made in 2005 and the effects of it

IV. Second example of the positive effects of graffiti art - JR A. He is the TED Prize winner in 2011
B. His project – Inside Out
C. Effects of his works

V. Conclusion

Graffiti Art Brings Positive Effects to Our Society
Yang Mary

Our world is constituted by many different cultures and societies that make different ways to present their cultural values in art world. However, some of these societies do not have access to art world. But they still try to develop ways to express their emotions and thoughts. Therefore, Graffiti was created to express their feelings and also present their cultural values and system values. When I looked back to the development of graffiti art, I found that graffiti art has been last more than 30 years and become a popular international emerging art form. Moreover, the creation of graffiti art has been developed to a diverse branch system such as New York’s laser graffiti research lab (NYGRL., three-dimensional graffiti sculpture, street graffiti wear brand, street graffiti music, graffiti graphic design, street graffiti foot brand, etc. (Ding-Wu, Wu, “Street Graffiti Art in The Digital Age” 1) From the above of those, the graffiti culture touches almost every aspect of our life, from clothing to shoes, sculptures, images, or even dolls and impacts our society in a lot of ways. Graffiti art comes from street art which has been last a long time in the world’s great metropolitan in global street subculture. Street art, also called “global street subculture”, which connects different countries, people, languages, races and religion is made up of graffiti writer, tattooist, skateboarder, surfer, biker, DJ, MC(Microphone controller) and b-boy dancer. Street art has its own style of language, culture idiom, clothing brand, and all of these give the idea of their culture, political thoughts, system values, and the most important of all, the attitude of their lives. (Ding-Wu, Wu, “Street Art and commercial design” 2) However, most of the people don’t really know what is “graffiti art” and mostly people don’t get interested in things they are not familiar with. Graffiti art came from African-American street culture in 1960’s. Their social status was low and they were treated unfairly because of discrimination. When you really look into the disordered alphabets and images drawing on the wall, you can find out that they actually used graffiti to express the strong dissatisfaction and complaints of these unfair treatments. According to the Eric Gruenwedel’s article in 2004, a film maker Bob Bryan said that they were using graffiti to communicate to others and if they were making it clear to understand, then it was meant for you.(Eric Gruenwedel. “’Graffiti Verite' 101.” 2004) When talking about the positive effects of graffiti art, the first place would defiantly be the most famous and legendary British graffiti master – Banksy. He started doing graffiti when he was 14 years old. He invented “stencil graffiti”. He used stencil to make a template and...
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