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Topics: Certificate authority, Public key infrastructure, Public-key cryptography Pages: 7 (1111 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Question 1
Where should you place forest root DCs? (Choose all that apply) * In locations that are away from the center
* In central locations
* In locations that have data centers
* In branch locations

Question 2
If you find that users in a particular location need to access resources in another domain that is also in the same location, and that the network availability between the user location and data center is unreliable, what can you recommend? (Choose all that apply) * Creating a shortcut trust between the two domains

* Place a regional DC at the user location
* Place a branch DC at the user location
* Add a forest root DC at the user location

Question 3
If there is an application at a branch location that requires a writable DC, what factors should you consider before providing your approval? (Choose all that apply) * Reliability of the WAN Link

* Existence of an RODC
* Physical security
* Number of users

Question 4
What are the factors that you need to evaluate in order to decide if a GC is required at a particular location? (Choose all that apply) * Number of DCs at the location
* Number of users
* WAN link to central location
* Physical security

Question 5
Which two partitions must be configured for the BitLocker to function? (Choose all that apply) * System partition
* Unencrypted partition
* Boot volume
* Encrypted partition

Question 6
The Denied RODC Replication Group contains which of the following as members by default? (Choose all that apply) * Server Operators
* Enterprise Admins
* Krbtgt
* Cert Publishers
* Account Operators

Question 7
When would you recommend that site link bridging be disabled? (Choose all that apply) * If there are physical links between two sites
* If IP network is not fully routed
* To control the replication flow
* If site link bridging cost is very high

Question 8
Which of the following options are not Special Identity Groups? (Choose all that apply) * Everyone group
* Anonymous logon group
* Global groups
* Universal groups

Question 9
GPOs are used to configure settings for which of the following? (Choose all that apply) * Domains
* OUs
* Groups
* Sites

Question 10
What are the components of public key cryptography? (Choose all that apply) * Public key
* Private key

Question 11
Which of these does a public key certificate usually contain? (Choose all that apply) * Name of the owner
* Affiliate information
* Owner?s contact address
* Owner?s email

Question 12
Which of these components typically make up a functional public key infrastructure? (Choose all that apply) * Certification authorities
* Certificate registration
* Cryptography services
* Digital certificates
* All of the options

Question 13
If Group Policy detects slow link speed, which of these settings will not be applied by default? (Choose all that apply) * Security settings
* Printer deployment
* Software restriction policies
* Administrative templates
* Disk Quota policies
* Group Policy preferences

Question 14
What does a certificate request contain? (Choose all that apply) * Public key
* Private key
* User name
* Public key -private key pair

Question 15
In response to a query, a DNS server responds with the requested host record. How would you categorize the answer? (Choose all that apply) * Affirmative answer
* Positive answer
* Referral answer
* Authoritative answer
* Recommendation answer
* Negative answer

Question 16
Which of these can be used to prevent internal servers from blindly forwarding unresolved queries to external DNS servers? (Choose all that apply) * Primary zones
* Secondary zones
* Conditional forwarding
* GlobalNames zone

Question 17
What are the main...
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