Graduate Study Challenges

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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Graduate Study Challenges & Strategies for Success
Penisher Reliford Carter
University of Phoenix

This paper contains three common challenges that graduate students face while attending graduate school. Not only does this paper identify challenges, but it also gives certain tips and solutions to the problems. The challenges that will be discussed in this paper are as follows: work, family, and extra-curricular activities. In this paper I have also included a few excerpts from articles, as well as some thoughts of other people that have gone through graduate school with similar challenges Returning to graduate school is a major decision in one’s personal life. Balancing school and family life can be a challenge, even for online learners. While many older adults choose to continue their education through the internet, they often find their study time interrupted by spouses and children who miss them and don’t understand the need for “alone time.”

Graduate Study Challenges & Strategies for Success
In order to complete graduate school it requires endless commitment and dedication. This would not be a problem if an individual was single with no job or nothing to do in their spare time. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case in the life of an everyday adult. Most people have jobs with a family and tons of things that need to be done in their spare time. The three issues that have a tendency to interfere with obtaining a graduate degree are work, family, and extra-curricular activities. Many ways to cope with this dilemma have been noted in articles, books, and other sources. Hopefully by the end of this paper one will have identified these problems and also the sources that have presented ways to successfully overcome them.

Attending graduate school and working can be one of the most difficult challenges when attempting to obtain a degree. It is best to try finding a job that has flexible hours (Reed 2002). A flexible job...
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