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  • Published : February 1, 2008
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The grading system of UH is a problem. For sure, students care about the grades. Some of them worried about it if they didn't make A in classes. Some of them afraid of failing the courses. Parents want their kids to make good grades, also. The grading system of UH make the students working hard if they want to get good grades. Grading system is a problem, to solve this problem we should vote for it. Let the student and parents tell the school whether they want to change it or not. At UH, we have A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+ and C… If you got A, GPA (grade point average) counted as 4. If you got A-, GPA counted as 3.67. You need to get 93 or above to make an A. "The grade point average is a numerical representation of a student's overall academic achievement" (UH). Different professors have different grading ways. If the course is really hard, the professor would lower the grade level for get an A. Some professor said if you make 89.99999999 on your test, you still got a B. the professor just gave three tests in one semester. This system make the way to get an A more harder. The number of students who got higher GPA would be lesser. "The tying of students' GPA to so many aspects of their lives makes the grading system a coercive structure that often

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inhibits students from taking the intellectual risks that good education demands" (Rediehs). Because of their financial aid, parental support, athletic participation, or acceptance into study abroad programs students caring more about their grades than their education. These things are all depend on the GPAs. "This attitude of caring more about grades than education can undermine instructors' pedagogical goals, inhibit effective communication of feedback from instructor to student, and can also discourage the development of students' independent thought and internal sources...
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