Gothic Story

Topics: Lightning, ARIA Charts, UK Singles Chart number-one singles Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: February 25, 2011
I awoke on a beautiful summer’s day, my room was flooded with sunlight and I could hear the birds singing. I went out for a walk to admire the beautiful landscapes of Ireland. The sky was blue and cloudless and I could see verdure everywhere. Trees were in bloom and a thick carpet of grass covered the ground. I took the little path behind the house that led to the forest. I was alone on that beautiful day and without thinking about anything I continued my way through the forest. The trees were beautiful and impressive, there were beeches, pines, and a very old oak. I stopped to look more closely at it. I thought this tree must have been there for a very long time. Then I heard leaves moving. First I thought it was because of the wind, but I saw a very little wild animal running through the fern. It had dark fur with tints of blue. I had never seen such an animal before and its colour surprised me. Then the little animal ran away and I remained alone in the immensity of the forest. I was far away from home now but I could not help walking. Nobody was waiting for me at home and I decided to make the most of this superb day. I had been walking for about three hours now, and I felt tired. I lay down on the grass and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was already dark. I was a bit astonished, I thought that I had slept only for about half an hour. The sky was so dark that I wondered if it was probably past midnight. I tried to find the path back home but it was as if I had lost my sense of direction, and I was unable to tell where my home was. I remained a few moments sitting on the ground and suddenly, I saw the little wild animal again. Then others came, there were about thirty now, all were looking at me. Something caught my attention, one of them was different from the others, it was taller and bigger and its fur was not blue, but green. In a blink of an eye, they all disappeared. The temperature was cold that night and I was frozen. I began to look for my way back...
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