Gothic Story

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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T’was a dreadful and eerie night. A terrible storm was devastating the countryside of northern Scotland. The thunder created shrieks of horror, and the rain poured in agony. A hooded, tall, and gaunt man, emerging from the mist on horseback, approached the melancholy and horrid estate of Stark. The Stark family was a munificent and patriotic family, thus the Stark appellation was well maintained. The tragic death of the family is considered to be equivocal, for there is no true story of the death of the family of seven. Many peasants state rather specious arguments about the mysterious deaths, but their arguments are easily seen as counterfeit. Judging by the family member’s mutilated bodies, some may argue the death was that of the work of an omen or demon, but the story, again, is equivocal.

As the hooded man approached the wretched estate, his identity was soon uncovered. The occupation of Father Edard was that of a Priest, but his knowledge on supernatural events is what interested him in the mysterious case of the Stark family’s death. His importunate tone and argument granted him the right from the officials to observe and uncover the truth behind the deaths. As he entered the dark and dull estate, he instantly inhaled the very smell of rotten corpses. He lit a candle and sensed an ominous environment as he entered the main ballroom. As he walked through the estate, he noticed rather anomalous sculptures and paintings. As he observed the exotic artwork in the main ballroom, a loud cry echoed throughout the halls of the estate. The sentience of fear was at large, but Edard continued spectating the estate. He placed his satchel on a large ballroom dinner table and began reading verses from the Holy Bible pertaining to omens. While he was reciting verses from the Bible, his name slowly echoed throughout the estate halls multiple times.

As he went up the never-ending stairway, thunder shook the estate and Edard fell to the ground. Frightened and scared,...
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