Gothic Lolita

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Gothic Lolita or "GothLoli" (ゴスロリ gosurori, sometimes "Loli-Goth") This term "Gothic and Lolita" is used by the Japanese to describe a sub-culture of teenagers who wear a wide range of fashions. It is used by English language sources mainly to describe a specific subset of Lolita fashion. However, the term Gothloli (gosurori) is used by some foreigners to describe anyone in gothic or lolita style.

It is quite difficult to exactly describe Gothic Lolita style, because most of the Lolita fashion styles are very often combined into very fascinating design. But in basic description we can say, that Gothic Lolita style is the most expanded style and it features in basics of Goth fashion, from western countries, and combines Lolita fashion from Rococo and Victorian Ages of 19. century. These factors are not only ones, which gave Gothic Lolita style its own look. With taht is based fact, that Gothic design was spreaded together with Visual Kei. Together with that, there was big influence from various manga books, which contained specific drawing styles and inspired several lolita styles.


The most influecne was just from around 1999 year, when Mana formed his own design of Gothic styles and designated way of Gothic Lolita style. He coined his own clothing line Moi-même-Moitié and style called Elegant Gothic Lolita. It can be considered a more mature version of Gothic Lolita, often worn by older teens and young women. The male 'counter-part' to EGL is EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat); it is very tailored and stream-lined, both being mostly black and white. However, Gothic Lolita style was popularized in the fall of 2nd millenium, the Lolita fashoin had tradition from 70’s (Milk and Pink House) and later brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright (1979 - Sweet Lolita style). After Mana, there are others influential figures in the scene: the singer Kana, who often modeled for Lolita related fashion magazines, and Mitsukazu Mihara, who...
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