Google White Paper Analysis

Topics: Color, Color wheel, Green Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: September 17, 2012
Running Head: White Paper Pyramid Principle Analysis

Google published a white paper titled “The Arrival of Real-Time Bidding and what it Means for Media Buyers”, this paper breaks down Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and how Google is the right provider of RTB. The paper discusses six main topics; that RTB is here to stay, the technology, the technical terms, the process, how it’s done and the how it can be done with Google. RTB originates from the technological advances of the last few decades, now that so many things are done online and in the virtual world advertisers need to revamp their strategies to compete. RTB is the technology that allows advertisers to pinpoint who, when and where they are advertising to on the web. Google has an unmistaken logo they branded the cover sheet. With out even putting the letters G-O-O-G-L-E one would know it’s the Google logo, its defined by the shapes and their primary color grid. Just in case someone wasn’t that familiar with Google they put their google lettering at the bottom as reinforcement. It was positioned well on the paper and really stood out. To continue the Google brand even more they continued the color blocking on the overview page, where they conveniently put six parts one for each letter in Google. The table lists the part’s title in quotes then in a quick sentence it describes what they will be talking about.

The Google colors were put to good use through out this white paper. Each part was assigned a color in the Google color order and for the most part used that color throughout the entire section. The one time they broke the color scheme was to vary the graphs, instead of having 3 blue graphs they had two blue and one green, which worked well since blue and green are such complementary colors. For each graph throughout the paper they labeled the graph by naming it at the top then citing the source at the bottom, this made the graphs very easy to read and cite them if needed. At the end of...
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