Google Core Values

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Google Core Values:

Core values are the beliefs and values that an organization holds constantly. They are notconsciously created becomes the part of the organization, probably as a result of the views of thefounders - they are discovered not invented. Whatever the organization does in the future or however it changes, the core values always remain the same. They evolve, often unnoticed over the years, until they can be encapsulated with words and become a fundamental part of the way people think. The Google’s core values are: 1)

We want to work with great people

We hire great people and expect a lot from them

We create an environment where people can flourish and grow

We treat people with fairness and respect

We challenge each other's ideas openly

We value diversity in people and ideas

We are a quantitative company that uses data to make decisions 2) Technology innovation is our lifeblood

Build the world's best technology and products

We apply technology and creativity to solve important problems 3) Working at Google is fun

We expect our people to know and enjoy each other

We have a challenging/energetic work environment

We celebrate our successes and each other's accomplishments - both professional and personal 4) Be actively involved; you are Google

Honor commitments

We openly communicate and trust you with a great deal of information and we expectyou to honor our confidentiality 
Understand when you are representing Google and act appropriately 5) Don't take success for granted

Think and act like an underdog

Be humble with success; don't be arrogant

Be scrappy and resourceful
6) Do the right thing; don't be evil

Honesty and integrity in all we do

Our business practices are beyond reproach

We make money by doing good things
7) Earn customer and user loyalty and respect every day

Create, enhance and maintain great products and services
8) Sustainable long-term...
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