Google and Apple Know Where You Are

Topics: IPhone, Mobile phone, Google Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Google and Apple Know Where You Are, Maybe
Bethella Sam Phillips
Grantham University

Location-based tracking is becoming more and more common due to the ever changing technological advances in the world today. Gone are the days where no one knew your location unless they were physically with you. Today, location-based tracking seems like the new trend in society with companies such as Foursquare and EchoEcho. Some wonder what makes a person use services like this to share with the world. That question may never be answered, but what is known is that some individuals use it to share their favorite restaurant, bar, and hangout locations while others use it to pinpoint the location of their children.

Cellular phones have evolved from the bulky and large devices to a slimmer and sleek design. They are no longer used for just talking but now can be used just like a mini computer or smartphone as most are now called. Smartphones are based on operating systems that allow them to run various applications. They are equipped with many different features such as cameras, GPS, and messaging. Some may wonder why a cellular phone needs GPS. With the creation of Google Maps, you can use your cellular phone just like a paper map and route your travel or get directions when lost. Location-based tracking services are growing faster and faster and many individuals are intrigued with the use of it and they are more advanced with the invention of more improved smartphones and digital devices. The question then becomes, how much do you use location-based tracking on your smartphone? The typical iPhone 4 user has three to five location-based service apps and may use three of them frequently. The most common location-based apps are Facebook, Groupon, Maps, and Weather. Most consumers use Facebook the most and are constantly updating their Facebook status, playing games, marketing businesses, or chatting with friends. The...
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