Google's Driveless Car

Topics: Driverless car, DARPA Grand Challenge, Personal rapid transit Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Google’s driverless car

1. What is it?

The Google Driverless Car is a project by Google that involves developing technology for driverless cars. The innovative technology latest product is a fully automated car that does not require a human driver. The modified cars' most noticeable feature is a rotating sensor on the roof that scans 360 degrees for more than 200 feet in diameter, creating a 3D map of the car's location. A sensor on the left rear wheel measures the car's movements in detail and helps locate it on the map. A video camera on the windshield near the rearview mirror finds pedestrians, bicyclists, traffic lights and obstacles in the rod and sends that data to the car's onboard computer. Radar sensors at front and back help locate more distant objects. A GPS receiver, a laser range finder and an inertial motion sensor complete the package. This unique car really drives by himself. All you need is to tell the place where you going and it will deliver you there safer, environmentally and economically better than the regular driver with the car.

2. Target customer- who will use it?

The target consumers of this product could be all of the people through thought the world. The main key point of Driverless Car that it could reduce the traffic jams and car accidents, moreover it could significantly decrease consumption of fuel and contamination of environment. That is why the clients of such a beneficial innovation potentially could be everybody.

3. Type of innovation

The Google’s driverless car represents the technological innovation and it attributes to the incremental type of innovation. This car is not a radical type, because the technology of car has been invented a way long time ago. And Google have got a clear goal of creating such a car that will not need a driver, which means they made a steady flow of small innovations and experiments where suffered 6 Toyota Prius hybrids and one Audi TT, and only after that...
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