Good to Great Ch. 9

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Good To Great by Jim Collins Chapter 9: From Good to Great to Built to Last Chapter Summary:

Four Conclusions:
1. Great companies from Built to Last evidence shows that early leaders followed good-to-great framework. The only difference is that they were entrepreneurs in small business, as opposed to CEO’s. 2. Apply Good to Great concepts to sustain results, as a start up or an established organization and then apply findings in Built to Last to go from great results to an enduring company. 3. Apply the central concept from Built to Last, you will make the shift from a company with sustained great results to an enduring great company of iconic stature. Discover your core values and purpose and combine this with the dynamic of preserve the core/stimulate progress. 4. The ideas from each study enrich and inform the ideas of the other. •Enduring great companies did in fact go through a process of buildup to break through. They preserve their core values and purpose while their business strategies and operating practices endlessly adapt to the changing world. •It is not what core values you have, but that you have core values, you know what they are, you build them into your organization, and they are preserved overtime. •Conceptual Links between the two studies-

-Four Key Ideas from Built to Last:
1. Clock Building, not time telling
Build around endurance and adapting through generations
2. Genius of AND
Embrace both “A AND B” as opposed to “A OR B.”
3. Core Ideology
Instill Core Values and Purpose
4. Preserve the Core/Stimulate Progress
Save core ideology while stimulating change
-Concepts in Good to Great: Level 5 Leadership, First Who…Then What,
Confront the Brutal Facts, Hedgehog Concept, Culture of Discipline,
Technology Accelerators, and Flywheel, Not Doom Loop
Two studies link together
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