Music Licensing and Royalties in the Philippines

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To participate actively in strengthening the Philippine music industry of the Philippines by providing quality, excellent and outstanding products.

To stop piracy and protect the rights of the Filipino composers and artists. •To make a profitable and reliable company that can hold up to the rest of the time and circumstances. •To promote and showcase Filipino talents and resources

To promote and develop a legitimate and viable music industry. •To promote and develop Filipino music to world class status and to penetrate the world market. •To protect copyright owners against the unauthorized use, reproduction and sale of music and sound recordings. •To maintain musical sound recordings as a medium that provides wholesome entertainment and positive values to the public.

Life Cycle
Music artists perform in bars, hotels, and lounges hoping that they will be “discovered” by talents scouts or agents for them to be able to make a way into the music industry. Some artists enter in to the industry through hiring their own manager or publicist who then tries to produce attention for the aspiring artist. Some spend up to a million pesos to get themselves promoted in television and on the radio. GROWTH:

Philippine music recording companies are grouped together under PARI or the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry which is composed of 15 corporate members (namely the larger recording companies) plus a number of smaller, associate members. DEVELOPMENT:

In 1965, the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (FILSCAP) was established, with the help of its long-established American counterpart, the ASCAP. FILSCAP’s primary principle is to represent its members, consisting of composers, authors and publishers who are Filipino citizens and are willing to designate their musical works to the society by licensing and...
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