Good Teachers

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A good teacher is hard to find. One that really loves to teach students and is effect in what they teach. I have only had a few who have inspired me to teach because of their ability to teach effectively. A good teacher is effective in what they teach and they inspire their students. I feel that every student should have the benefit of a great teacher. One that is prepared for the class and apt to teach with clarity and understanding. It is not always good to have one that is just doing it to earn an income. Good teachers are what make the world better, as we learn every day, and if we listen we are always in a class of some type.

In this world of fast learning and growing job opportunities we have to be taught by the best teachers so we are able to stay on the top of our business –world. I feel that every teacher needs to be able to change their students’ lives and be experts in their field of teaching. The teacher has to understand how each student learns. Without a doubt we must be able to reach our world and be able to understand what we are trying to learn. “A Good teacher is someone that is able to make a difference in someone’s life” (Hassett). What makes a good teacher able to teach anybody? Most of people that go to class really want to learn and want to be there. One of the main things in a class room or class setting is for the class to feel free to learn. I feel that every teacher needs to go to college and not to an online school. They need to be able to be in a class room setting so they can understand what their teacher does to prepare them for their class and study. I think one of the most important things for learning is to see it in action and to be able to understand how the right way to teach, and not just trying to make something out of nothing. Most of the teacher need to get a degree from an accredited college or university that is a reputable teaching institution and able to give the aspiring teacher the proper training. One of the main things in learning is to be preparing for class. The teacher needs to have paper and book and all the supplies. Most teachers need to be able to pass the state board for teaches for them to get their certification to teach in the state of Georgia. Most of teachers in Georgia are teaching without a license because there is a shortage of teachers. This is causing a lot of students to get teachers who have not really been qualified to teach. Teachers need to learn how to listen and to understand when a child is in need or has a special need. Every teacher needs some type of training as there is college just for teachers. The Time it takes to prepare for a class is important as it prepares the teacher to teach effectively. Most of the students will watch their teacher to make sure they know what they are talking about. There has to be a safe environment for the student to learn. Most of the students need to be push to the point where they can learn and how they learn. The teacher needs to be able to detect what learning style the student has. One of the most important things that I love is the fact that they took time out of their busy schedule to check on me and make sure I did not have to repeat the class. They sent information to make sure I could get it done and I am grateful for that. “A good teacher is someone that knows their craft, in other words, they know what they are teaching. A good teacher knows the ins and outs of what they are teaching. A good teacher enjoys teaching others, their craft and seeing their students learn” (Davis). A teacher also has a passion for people and gets an enjoyment of others success. A teacher shows their student that they care when no one else is showing the student that they care. A...
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