Good Manager Versus Bad Manager

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  • Published : December 1, 2011
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Characteristic of a Good Manager verses a Bad Manager

Why do some people become good managers and others do not? The issue is that they have not developed the necessary skills and behaviors because they have not had any formal management training. Too often people are promoted into management positions but are not given the right support and development to fulfill their role adequately. A good manager has organization skills, people management, and professionalism, a bad manager struggles with these skills. Paragraph I

The ability to be a good manager depends on great organizational skills. To be able to manage other people, you must know how to set priorities and allocate them according to each individual’s skills and abilities. A well organized manager can perform easily while showing confidence and control in the organization, creating a productive environment for all workers. The organizational skills of a manager are also geared toward specific tasks, such as setting project deadlines and conducting performance evaluations, all of which contributes to a more efficient work system. Planning skills are needed for a manager to be successful. There are four basic steps in any planning process: 1. Creative goals and objectives. These should be measurable, specific, challenging, and made clearly known to everyone concerned. 2. Develop your action plan -who does what, by when, and how? 3. Implement plan

4. Evaluate results and correct plan if necessary.
Coordinating resources is another important organization skill. Managers must know how to coordinate bother internal and external resources. Managers should know both what and who their resources are. The ability to meet deadlines and use time wisely is a skill a good manager needs to master. A bad manager does not meet deadlines and will blame the team instead of taking responsibility for not making the deadline. It takes experience before a manager can properly assign tasks,...
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