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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Good Advise is rarer than rubies

Many people think that arranged marriage is a very strange thing between two people; in most cases the women actually don’t know anything about their future husband, and in worst cases they haven’t even met them. So how is it possible to be in love if you don’t know each other? That question is a very good point to start; because everyday women are compelled to marry someone against their own will, some women feel bound to the marriage their parents have planned for them for several years or because of financial issues or even to avoid being ejected. Few women have the courage to actually run away from it all and start a new life somewhere else. If the women escape, the entire family is against them, and after that, they will not be seen as a part of the family.

“Good advice is rarer than rubies” is a story by Salman Rushdie. In overall it is about one of these women I just mentioned, who are forced into an arranged marriage. The main character in the story, Miss Rehana, is engaged to an Indian man who lives in Bradford, England. Like most of the women, Miss Rehana hasn’t met her fiancé yet. It’s her parents who have planned the whole thing before they died. The worst things are that the girls in their very early years are planned through their future, without having a single influence, on the choice their parents have taken for them. In this case, marriage is a security for Miss Rehana the rest of her life, her parents believes. They had to find someone who could take care of her when they were gone. In the story she gives clear indication that she is quite excited about her upcoming marriage. At the end of the history she smiles like never before, and it’s a sign of how happy she is to avoid the arranged marriage. Because most women really don’t want to implement it, they will make their own choices, though it’s almost impossible with the culture they have. Miss Rehana should actually visit the embassy in order to gain...
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