Goldman Sachs Vice President Speaks

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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Goldman Sachs Vice Java Speak at Great Indian Developer Summit 2010GIDS is India’s largest conference for software developers Polyglot ProfessionalsBangalore 25 March 2010: Every year the Great Indian Developer Summit will be a game-changer for thousands of IT professionals and offers them a competitive advantage over their peers, enlightening them with “bleeding edge” information very useful in their daily work and helps them network with top experts and visionaries, and giving them the much needed boost in their career. On GIDS 2010 to 20-23 April in Bangalore, says vice-president of Goldman Sachs’ Technology division, on the acceptance test driven development and collections of the Renaissance. Acceptance Test Driven Development can really work well. Users can specify their requirements as inputs and a table of results, and you can show directly that they are ready. John Tobin and Mohammed Mohsinali Goldman Sachs say FitNesse, an open-source framework of Object Mentor, is a great tool for this. Users can set their expected results on a wiki, press the test button to see page and results. On GIDS, is on 22 April, John, and Mohammed is an example-driven meeting on FitNesse behavior and how it can be used in large, mission-critical applications. In another session, Vlad Zakharov and Donald Raab is on Java Frameworks live collection, why the sudden emergence of frameworks and what you should look for in a collections framework. We will explain the historical perspective – from the pre-Java days through the dark times of the early Java to present collections of the Renaissance. As the “minimal” interface philosophy of the Java API has some unfortunate decisions. Why all modern languages have closures, and how the “human interface” is fighting back. You can see examples of the power and simplicity, you can bring your code and find out how the collections classes design. After this session, you will never see a for loop again in the same way. With several decades of...
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