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Topics: Muhammad, Artificial intelligence, Genetic algorithm Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Saturday January 12, 2013 Program

Graduate Colloquium on Computer Sciences Fall 2012
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)

Track 1(Room New-3): Artificial Intelligence and Language Processing Session I (9:55-11:30) Session Chair: Dr. Qaiser Durrani
1. Feature Subset Selection Based on Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization [Thesis I, 30min] Layca Sarwer, Kashif Zafar 2. Gesture Recognition With One Shot Learning [Thesis I, 30min] Anham Liaqat, Mehreen Saeed 3. Time Series Classification [Thesis I, 30min] Shafaq Malik, Ahmad Kazmi, Mehreen Saeed

Tea Break (11:30-11:50) Session II (11:50-1:30) Session Chair: Dr. Sarmad Hussain 4. Searching In Roman Urdu [Thesis I, 30min] Ahmad Rabbani, Kashif Zafar 5. Urdu Text Summarization [Thesis II, 30min] Muhammad Waseem Sarwar, Sarmad Hussain, Aamir Wali 6. Making of a Parallel Rational Agent to Play Ludo-A Board Game [Research paper, 20min] Syed Qamar Askari, Mehreen Saeed, Adnan Noor Mian 7. NxN Tic Tac Toe [Research paper, 20min] Aamir Wali, Farooq Ahmad, Javed Zahoor, Mehreen Saeed

Saturday January 12, 2013 Program

Track 2(Room New-4): Software Engineering
Session I (9:55-11:30) Session Chair: Dr. Fakhar Lodhi
1. A Framework for Error Reduction in Software Cost Estimation [Thesis I, 30min] Aqsa Ijaz, Kashif Zafar, Ghulam Ahmad Farukkh, Waqas Zyad 2. Software Factory Model [Thesis I, 30min] Asma Naz, Kashif Zafar, Fakhar Lodhi 3. Encapsulation and Relational Databases [Thesis II, 30min] Marriam Daud, Fakhar Lodhi, Kashif Zafar

Tea Break (11:30-11:50) Session II (11:50-1:20) Session Chair: Dr. Shafay Shumail 4. FAST R&D Dashboard [Project I, 30min] Nadeem Yousaf, Farah Malik, Waseem Masnha, Durr e Najaf, Waqas Zyad 5. One Stop Online Marketplace using Attributes Based Matchmaking [Project-II, 30min] Shahid Naseer, Ahmad Sultan, Waqas Zyad 6. Save the Children [Project II, 30min] Nauman Saleem, Ahmad Samnan Raza, Muhammad Atiq, Waqas Zyad

Track 3(Room New-5):...
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