God Created Human Beings to Have Intimacy

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Defining and Training Marital Intimacy Skills

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God created human beings to have intimacy. From the beginning He said it is no good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18, NIV) As amazing as this may seem, even though Adam had a close and intimate relationship with God, God knew that Adam needed other types of intimacy; the kind of intimacy another human being can only offer. Not saying that God is not enough or sufficient to fill and satisfy any heart, but God has placed within our hearts the need of intimacy with other human beings. This report will focused on four aspects of intimacy, which include emotional, spiritual, intellectual and sexual intimacy. The report will define each area of intimacy, give examples and practical advice on how to train marital intimacy skills. It is designed to help couples understand the basic needs of their spouse and the different ways they may contribute to their partner’s fulfillment and satisfaction in marriage.

Defining and Training Marital Intimacy Skills
Emotional intimacy refers to the emotional closeness two people are able to feel or develop over certain time period. It is the place where a couple is able to share and be transparent about their feelings and emotions. Sadly many couples do not experience this type of intimacy, this lack of intimacy is clearly seen our society today. The Americans for Divorce Reform estimates that “It is estimated that 40% of all marriages have ended in divorce as of 2008” (Wikipedia, 2011) But what can we do to change this? What can we do to experience emotional intimacy with the people we love the most, especially our spouse? First of all, we need to understand the basic emotional needs of our spouse, which are different between men and women. According to an investigation Dr. Rosberg (2003) and his wife realized there are five main emotional needs a couple needs in order to feel loved. The five main emotional needs for a man include: Unconditional love and acceptance, sexual intimacy, friendship, encouragement and recognition and spiritual intimacy, all listed in priority order (Roserberg, 2003. P.23). The five emotional needs for woman, also listed in priority order are: Unconditional love and acceptance, emotional acceptance and communication, spiritual intimacy, encouragement and recognition, and friendship (Roserberg, 2003. P.23) What Dr. Rosberg and his wife suggest is that in order for the couple to feel loved and appreciated one must meet the spouse’s emotional or love needs as they called them. (Rosenberg, 2003.p.19) The number one emotional need for both men and woman is unconditional love and acceptance. It might surprise some to read that a man’s number one emotional need is love and acceptance and not sexual relationships. But it is strongly suggested that everybody wants to feel loved and

accepted (Clinton and Sibcy, 2006. p.7). As mentioned before God has placed within each human being a desire to be intimate and in order to be intimate with another person one must feel he is being accepted for who that person is. In other words, every human being wants to have someone that will truly accept and love them with all of their faults and virtues. Sexual intimacy was the second main way a man will feel emotional intimate, and not surprisingly it was not in the woman’s top five priorities. That is not to say that sexual relationship is not an important channel of emotional intimacy for woman. This topic will be discussed in depth further in the report. The third main channel of emotional intimacy for a man was friendship which was the last item listed in the women’s priority list. According to the dictionary friendship is defined as: the state of being a friend; association as friends; to value a person’s friendship; a...
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