Goan Identity

Topics: Goa, Goan Catholics, Goans Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: November 17, 2010
GOA IS tiny, with a finite carrying capacity and is already saturated. The Goan population is extremely small compared to other communities in India. We (Goans) cannot withstand the current high-inflow of migrants. It will lead to severe civic, social and economic disturbance, will obliterate the Goan- identity, turn Goa into an unpleasant hovel like other urban Indian areas," writes Rajan Parrikar, an America returned Goan on Goanet, which is a Goan mailing group on why Goa does not need more migrants. Yes, Goa and Goans are angry and are facing the ire of the agitating groups, trying to protect Goa from mega projects and Special economic zones (SEZ). What is at stake and why are Goans fighting to protect the land and Goan identity? Goa has its charm, which has been attracting many to the land over the last several years. One gets enchanted with the picturesque landscape of Goa, which possesses rich and varied charms at different altitudes. But large concrete structures are threatening the beauty and ecology of the place. Goa at present is getting a cosmopolitan look. Dangers are expressed that Goan identity will soon fade away. "Utt Goenkara! Utt Goenkara! (Goans, awake from your slumber) It is for long that you have taken things in your stride. Time has come to rise from your slumber. Time has changed tracks on a fast lane for you for long. Long for you, to take things around you for granted. The sudden gush of winds of change will at least make your wiser in thought. "The issues affecting Goa and Goans are a grim reminder to each one of us to rise above our narrow mentalities and unite, instead of pulling each of our fellow Goans down over trivial things. Trivial things, which can be sorted out and where fences can be mended," a speaker cautions and exhorts Goans at a mammoth meeting in south Goa called to oppose mega housing projects, to jell together. The peace and tranquility of Goa has many a countrymen move to this land. For years we have played good...
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