Goals: High School and Personal Life

Topics: High school, Grade, Nursing Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: January 10, 2013
My Life Goals

“What are some of your life goals? Goals for high school? A goal for your personal life? What about career goals?” There are three different goals I would like to achieve in life. In general, one goal for high school that I want to achieve, is to get A's and B's on my report card through out the four years of high school. Also, have a goal to reach for my personal life is to be more organized and neat. Lastly, my career goal is to become a nurse at a hospital.

In particular, the goal I made for High School is to have A's and B's on my report card for the whole four years of high school, because it is important to get good grades since it reflects on your GPA, which counts for which colleges you can attend. Yet, there are steps to reach for goals. One way to receive good grades, is to always turn in your classwork or homework in everyday so, you won't have a F as a grade on those assignments, which can make affect your grade. Second of all, study for all upcoming tests. Do not wait till the day/night before the test to study you won't hardly remember anything you had studied that night, since you didn't keep repeating the same steps to remember all the information you have to know. In addition, both of these steps are important for reaching this goal because they both reflect on the grade you receive in that class and your average GPA.

In this situation, a goal for my personal life is to be more organized, as when it comes to going to school and also at home . However, to achieve this goal is by being organized to put things together in the correct spot where they are supposed to belong, so when you go back to look for the work or object it would be in the same spot you would of left it in. Also, another way of keeping yourself organized is to make a list of important things you would have to do that day or turn in for school, work, etc. More importantly, putting things together in the right spot and writing down a list of...
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