Globalization in the Philippines

Topics: Philippines, Third World, Southeast Asia Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Globalization is hard to explain if you don't have a basic idea of economics. The Philippines
In the Philippines 71.9% of the people are living below the poverty line, and ironically, most of them are from the countryside who produce food for the whole population. 7 million of the population are jobless, while 3.5 million are homeless. There has been an increasing impact of globalization on the Filipino women, in particular. There has been a reduction of permanent workers in favor of temporary and casual workers, replacing pay systems based on working time and length of service by systems based on piece rates. Due to economic conditions, as many as 6 million Filipino workers have migrated abroad to seek jobs. Hong Kong alone has got around 70,000 migrant Filipino women as domestic helpers and entertainers. Reports show that such numbers are on the rise. A 1996 study on Filipino migrant workers described these migrant workers as mostly young women, aged 20-29 years, single, and college-educated. More recently, the American War on Terrorism has brought the presence of American troops, under the Balikatan exercise, in the Philippines. Many hectares of local peoples land has been annexed by the Government for being used as operational bases for the Joint Military exercises by the Americans. No prior discussions were held with the local people of the land. Conclusion:

In Asia, globalization has resulted in growing foreign debts of poor countries, the financial crises of 1997 in East Asia and South East Asia, growing inequality within and among countries, unemployment, underemployment, and poverty. Also globalization in Asia has been responsible for social unrest, drugs, growth of the culture of violence, trafficking of people, and neo-colonization that can be called "homogenization and hegemonization". Globalization has resulted in the reality of unsustainable development, over consumption of life sustaining resources, impacts on environment and ecology,...
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