Globalization in Argentina

Topics: Argentina, Economics, United States dollar Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Globalization in Argentina has affected the country in numerous ways. There are many positives and negatives. Until 1999 globalization seemed to be the reason the country was so prosperous. Pope John Paul II stated, “From the ethical point of view, can be positive or negative. In fact, there is an economic globalization which brings some positive consequences, as the phenomenon of efficiency and increased production and, with the development of relations between countries in economic, can strengthen the process of unity among peoples and make a better service to the human family. However, if globalization is ruled merely by the laws of the market applied to suit the powerful, leads to negative consequences. Such, for example, the attribution of a va-absolute value to the economy, unemployment, decline and deterioration of public services, destruction of the environment and nature, the widening gap between rich and poor, unfair competition which puts the poor nations in a situation of ever increasing inferiority.” This statement sums up the effects of globalization in Argentina. At first, the country experienced growth and prosperity then fell into an economic crash due to government corruption and now once again the country is trying to recover and crawl out of a recession. Globalization has affected the country socially, economically, and it has created a different culture in which argentines live. The globalization of Argentina began during the military dictatorship of General Jorge Videla from 1976-1983. This dictatorship followed the death of President Juan Peron in 1974. Peron had many protectionist policies in place which were replaced by Videla’s trade liberalization strategies. These strategies grew the international debt but the country had great inflow of foreign capital and investment. When the country returned to a democracy in 1983 the economy worsened and collapsed in 1989. This led to Carlos Menem taking office and acted under guidance from the...
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